Antique Violins are preferred by many violinists for their mature tone from their aged wood. 

Please browse below at the antique violins which are between 70-100 years old. They are all priced according to their sound quality and have been refurbished and set up by our luthier to produce the best sound and playability.

Please call Peter to arrange a day/time to try the violins: sms/call 0477885377 from inside Australia or +61477885377 from outside Australia; email strings2u2@gmail.com.


(SN:105 – A$1,890) 4/4 Size made by the luthier Johann Raab in Schonbach which is modern day Luby in the Czech Republic. The Length of Back is 360mm.

Inside the left f-hole, the following is written in ink: “Johann Raab, Schonbach” (see photo). This violin is made by the violin maker Johann Raab (b.1889, d.1957). Johann Raab is listed as a known violin maker at: http://www.musicsack.com/PersonFMTDetail.cfm?PersonPK=100433357 and www.corilon.com/gb/library/makers-archive/violin-makers-and-masters-archive-p-r. 

This violin was made in Schonbach, Germany between 1905 and 1912 as Johann moved in 1913 to Komirno. Schonbach was known worldwide for their quality instruments and their violin making school.

Everything about this violin speaks of quality. The choice of wood is superb. The instrument has been perfectly set up with Dominant strings and the finger board has been re- surfaced to the correct curvature and concavity. The tone is bright, with volume, but not at all strident. There are 2 old and very well repaired cracks, as can be seen in photos. No repairs are near the sound post or bass bar. The Varnish is original and has not been tampered with.

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(SN:148 – SOLD) 4/4 Size Nippon Labelled Copy of Stradivarius Violin, Made in Japan between 1890-1920

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(SN:161 – A$1,990) Antique French, Full sized Violin made in Mirecourt by Laberte-Humbert freres. Stradivarius copy. (Length of back: 358mm).

Labelled: “Modèle d’après Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis faciebat anno 1721 ATS.” (Laberte used “modele d’apres” rather than ‘copie de” on its copy labels). It was made between 1900 and 1920. This violin has a two piece top of close to medium grained spruce and a medium flamed two piece maple back and sides. The sound is very warm, full and resonant.

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(SN:194 – A$1,490) Unlabeled Stradivarius copy, German made, 1930’s. Length of Back 360mm.

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(SN:204 – A$990) Jackson-Guldan Stradivarius model, American made, 1930’s. Length of Back: 354mm.

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(SN:233 – A$790) 4/4 Size Nippon Labelled Copy of Stradivarius Violin, Made in Japan between 1890-1920. The Length of Back is 358mm.
This chocolate coloured antique violin was made in Japan between 1890-1920 by the “Suzuki Violin Company.” It is warm sounding with good volume and balanced sound across all strings. The violin is lined and has 4 corner blocks. There are no bassbar or soundpost cracks on the violin. The scroll, pegbox and fingerboard are in good condition and the neck is solid. The violin is labelled with the Suzuki Trade Mark and the words “Made in Nippon.”

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(SN:243 – A$1,399) – 30 year old Stradivarius copy violin was made by the American Luthier Ramons Corbeille Stradivarius copy-made 1991: Length of Back: 356mm.

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(SN:135 – A$1,199) smaller 3/4 Sized; Made by violinmaker “H. Klepak” with Label

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(SN:138 – A$990) 3/4 Sized’ Labelled: “Antonius Stadiuarius Cremonensis” “Faciebat Anno 1716.” German made in the 1930’s.

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(SN:138 - S$1,490) 3/4 Sized'


(SN:172 – A$990) 3/4 Size Handmade; The label says: Mathias Heinecke, Geigenbauer, Wildstein B. Egden, Bohemia. Made approximately 1930. This is a beautiful sounding 3/4 but is not made by Mathias Heinicke.

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(SN:172 – S$1,850) 3/4 SIZE: Mathias Heinecke violin

My 34 Heinecke Label



4 thoughts on “5. ANTIQUE VIOLINS

  1. I inherited my fathers violin
    The label in side reads

    Joh. Bapt. Schweitzer
    Reichers violin shoppe
    Wm. h. Reichers, mgr.

    Not in great condition…does it have any value

  2. Pingback: BUYING a VIOLIN in Singapore | Strings2u Blog

    • Hi Sylvia, sorry for the delay in replying. Your ebay violin is quite interesting as it may be genuine since there are very few violins with this label. However, some ebay sellers do look for lesser known labels to put in their unlabelled antique violins. Which is why I can’t say if your violin is genuine without seeing the violin personally. The Universal Dictionary of Violin and Bow Makers by William Henley, says the following: “CELANI, CONSTANTINO. Born 1869. Brother and pupil of Emilio. Worked at Ascoli Piceno. Ran a violin making school there, 1940. Won many gold medals. Produced 250 violins, also violas and cellos up to the year 1949. Retired (in 81st year) to Monticelli. Decorated with the Order of San-Maria. Strad and Amatese modelling–fine workmanship, well chosen woods, and a beautifully transparent varnish of golden yellow shade.” I recommend that you take your violin to a reputed violin seller and ask their opinion on its authenticity. There opinion should be free if you are not asking for an appraisal of its value. I don’t recommend paying for a certificate of provenance or authenticity. Let me know how it works out. Thanks for your question.

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