SN:213 S$1890-Stradivarius Viotti-1709–Russian Spruce

(SN:213 S$1890) Master Violin-Copy of Stradivarius “Viotti” of the year 1709-Russian Spruce

About the Original Stradivarius “Viotti” Violin:

This violin is one of the best masterpieces made by Stradivari during his golden period. If the “Messiah” is preserved in a superior condition, then we can say that the “Viotti” is in a very good condition. Besides the wonderful craftsmanship, the wood is superior and the ruby-like varnish also makes this violin incomparable. In France, the Viotti was admired and highly sought after among the instrument makers of the era, most notably Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. The first biography of Stradivari, authored by Francois Fetis, explained the unparalleled quality of his instruments and contained a list of the best examples, placing the Viotti third.

The Dimensions of this copy of the “Viotti” violin are:
– body length: 358mm; lower bout: 208mm; upper bout: 167mm; middle: 111mm.
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