210-Joseph Guarneri Cannon-1743-frontback

SN:210 S$1890-Guarneri Del Gesu “Cannon”-1743-Russian Spruce

(SN:210 S$1890) Master Violin-Copy of Joseph Guarneri Del Gesu “Cannon” Violin of the year 1743-Russian Spruce
About the Original Guarneri Del Gesu “Cannon” Violin – made in 1743:

“The Cannon” violin is also known by the variants Il Cannone del Gesù, Cannone or Canon, and is often appended with the maker’s name “Guarneri del Gesù” which is also the Guarneri trademark. The violin received its name as the Cannon from a former owner, the Italian violin virtuoso Niccolo Paganini (1782–1840), because of its power and resonance. Paganini called it “my cannon violin,” referring to the explosive sound that he was able to make it produce. This is considered one of Guarneri’s masterpieces. The violin has distinct features that set it apart from modern instruments, including a slightly shorter and thicker sound box and a markedly curved neck. Its tone is distinctly bright, yet full. The violin has survived intact and whole and was given by Paganini to the city of Genoa. Original “Cannon” dimensions: Body length 354mm., Upper Bout 168mm., Center Bout 111mm, Lower Bout 207mm.

The Dimensions of the violin are:
– body length: 355mm; lower bout: 205mm; upper bout: 165mm; middle: 115mm.
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