I teach and sell violins/violas at Chisholm Street Wolli Creek, Sydney 2205. It is right next to Wolli Creek Train Station. Please see the map below: 



FOR A TRIAL LESSON: please see the available times below and email Peter at strings2u2@gmail.com.

FOR TRYING OUT the violins/violas: Email Peter at strings2u2@gmail.com to arrange a time to come and visit when I am not teaching violin as follows: Monday: from 12noon till 9pm; Tuesday: from 12noon till 2.30pm; Wednesday: 12noon till 3.30pm; Thursday: 12noon till 2.30pm; Friday: 12noon till 3.30pm, 7.30-9.30pm; Saturday: after 6.15pm; Sunday: after 6pm.

OTHER TIMES: can be arranged if needed.



– I purchase and restore the VINTAGE VIOLINS myself from all over the world.

– I also set-up each violin to achieve the best sound and playability.

– the cost is much less as you are paying for the violin itself NOT the cost of the shopfront rental and staff as I operate from my home at Wolli Creek where I teach.

– As a violin teacher/restorer I can keep your violin sounding the best it can, through after sales service which includes adjustments to the bridge, nut, and soundpost.


The Beginners and Intermediate violins/violas for sale are personally SELECTED BY myself as a VIOLIN/VIOLA TEACHER. I regularly go to the violin retail shops to find the best sounding instruments. I started providing instruments because my students would often ask me to come with them to the shop to select. I was disappointed that sometimes a good sounding and affordable violin was hard to find when it was needed. So I started to purchase instruments in advance to provide them for my students. Now I have students from other teachers coming to me for violins/violas as well, even from overseas! Only about 2 out of 10 violins/violas that I try sound good enough for me to recommend to buy. So if they don’t sound good enough, I won’t buy them or sell them. Similarly, I supply ADVANCED and MASTER violins/violas at around HALF the PRICE that they sell for in the shops. This way you can afford a much better violin/viola! Please  email me at strings2u2@gmail.com to ask whatever questions you have.

TALE OF TWO VIOLINS: A student of mine went to buy a beginners violin which should have cost $290. Instead, the salesman talked her into buying a $700 violin. For that much money, I expected it would sound good and look good. However, it sounded like and looked like a $290 violin! The sound was weak on the G string even though it had good strings. Also, the wood had only mild striping on the back which is indicative of a lower grade maple. My $400 violins, sounded and looked much better than this $700 violin! If you pay $500 you deserve to get a good violin and for $700 you deserve to get a great violin. I am convinced that the advanced violins I am selling are worth double what I am selling them for. This is what you should be looking for, not a violin that is worth half what you pay. If you don’t come and try my violins you will never know, but my offer stands that you can come to compare. If you are interested to know more, you can leave a comment below or contact me at strings2u2@gmail.com – thanks Peter

TO VIEW THE VIOLINS AVAILABLE – Please Click on the links below or on the Menu above: 3. NEW VIOLINS AVAILABLE” or 4. ANTIQUE 100 yr old VIOLINS AVAILABLE” for Descriptions and Photographs.

19 thoughts on “6. WHERE & WHEN TO VISIT

  1. I would like to check some of your available violins today Nov2. Is this possible? Thank you. By the way, I’d like to get a violin for my 5 year old boy. Thanx

    • Hi, I just read your message – I am going out in a few minutes so today is not possible sorry. Please sms me at 96611413 to confirm whether you can come tomorrow on Sunday 3/11 between 5-7pm to view the violins. Otherwise, Monday after 5pm is available also. Best regards Peter 96611413

  2. Hi,

    We are moving to Singapore soon and I would like to start my 4 year old son in violin lessons in July. He has school in the afternoons, do you have any morning time slots available for a trial lesson sometime in June? Would you come to our place or is it only in your studio? He doesn’t have an instrument yet, could we rent one for a bit until we buy it?
    Please email me your response.


    • Hi,
      thanks for your enquiry. I am teaching from 3pm till 9pm on weekdays, so mornings I am unable to teach.
      Also, I only teach at my studio due to a busy teaching schedule. I recommend you buy a violin for $150 as I don’t rent violins.
      For a trial lesson you will find the current available times at https://strings2u.wordpress.com
      I have copied those that are for July below:
      Tuesday: 1/7: 4.45pm.
      Wednesday: 2/7: 3.45pm, 5.15pm; 9/7: 3.45pm, 5.15pm.
      Thursday: 4/7: 2.45pm, 6.15pm.
      Saturday: none at the moment

      Permanent regular weekly lesson times are more limited:
      Tuesday: No times currently available (a waitlist is available: please contact Peter 96611413 with a request for a time slot).
      Wednesday: 3.45pm.
      Thursday: 3.45pm, 6.30pm.
      Friday: 2.45pm.
      Saturday: no times (a waitlist is available-pls sms 96611413 with a request).

      Best regards
      Peter Murray

  3. Hi I would like a beginner violin, what are the brands you offer?

    Am not too sure how to choose as I have not started lessons..


    • Hi Jess, for beginner violins the brands are varying as I choose the best sounding beginner violins that are available in Singapore. For intermediate and advanced violins I have my own brand “Strings2u” which are sourced from China.
      As I am a teacher, I make sure that you choose the best sounding violin from a selection of violins that I play for you. This makes it easier for you to choose the violin that you like.
      Just give me a call or sms 96611413 for details when you can visit at a time I am not teaching. My available times are listed above. Best regards Peter

    • Hi Jess, at the beginner violin level. I select based on their sound rather than their brand. There is a lot of variation in sound quality at this level so I don’t buy in bulk but select only good sounding violins from available violins here in Singapore. I will play for you to choose the violin that sounds the best. Regards Peter

    • Hi, most of the adults I teach begin with me as complete beginners. Definitely, you can learn as a beginner with me. Have a look at the times that are available for you to come for a trial lesson. You can sms me at 96611413 – regards Peter

  4. Hi Peter, I bought an antique violin from you 2 years back. I found the bridge is too high for me and would like to check if you provide any service to rework (lower) the bridge? If so, how much roughly would you charge as service fee?

    Thanks, Venise

    • Hi Venise, I just charge the same as my teaching time for beginners which is $90 an hour. It should take 30 minutes so that is $45 to lower the strings on the bridge with a reshape of the bridge. You can find available times for you to come at the home page http://www.strings2u.wordpress.com under LESSON TIMES STILL AVAILABLE and email me to me the time and date you can come. Best regards Peter

  5. Hi,
    I very much like your opinion; I’ve just started learning the violin for close to a year already, and I’m most likely gonna take the ABRSM Grade 4 practical exam next year; as such, I very much like to upgrade to a new violin.
    Do you think it’s wise to get one of your semi-professional’s violins, as the upgrade ??

    • Hi, for Grade 4 pieces both choices are good whether it is intermediate at $450-$1,000 OR semi professional from $1,000 and above. It really depends the individual violin. I can recommend that you come visit me at Pandan Valley Condo and try as many violins as you can to find which violin is best for you. Best regards Peter

  6. Hi, just read your message. I am looking for a 3/4 violin for my daughter, who plays grade 8. What brand violins do you offer?

    • Hello, I have Eurostring M300 3/4 violins for $450 and two Antique 3/4 violins:
      SN:172 – A$1,340 3/4 Size Handmade; Genuine Mathias Heinecke handmade violin labelled Bohemia-(Czech Violin), Wildstein (Eger). Made approximately 1930.
      SN:138 – A$990 3/4 Sized Labelled: “Antonius Stadiuarius Cremonensis” “Faciebat Anno 1716.” German made in the 1930’s.
      The photos are on the Antique Violins page. Let me know if you have any further questions. Best regards Peter 0477885377

  7. I’m looking for an old violin for my wife’s birthday….an antique would be great….it may never be played properly,you never know…..doesn’t have to be perfect….can you help me…thanks

    • Hi Glenn, yes I’d love to help you. You are welcome to come have a look at the old antique violins at my studio in Wolli Creek Sydney where the violins are on display. Please sms or call me at 0477885377 or email strings2u2@gmail.com to arrange when you can visit. Also, think about how much you are wanting to spend so I can show you violins in your price range. Thanks Peter

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