SN:200 A$1990-Stradivarius “Cremonese”-1715-Russian Spruce

(SN:200 – S$2190) Information on “the Cremonese Stradivarius” violin (4/4) of 1715

The “Cremonese Strad” copy is a very fine quality violin with excellent craftmanship and can be described as follows: balanced on all 4 strings. a powerful, bright, rich tone suitable for solo performance. It has a good response, which makes it a good choice for advancing players. The 2 piece book-matched top spruce is extremely fine grain, and not made too thin, giving the violin the potential to grow into a mature old instrument.

About the Original Stradivarius “Cremonese” – made in 1715:

The Cremonese violin is one of Stradivari’s greatest masterpieces made during his Golden Period. The Cremonese was once owned by the famous violinist, Joseph Joashim. It was returned permanently to the Italian city of Cremona in 1961. The choice of wood, pattern, arching, varnish, and sound is proof of Stradivari’s genius. The instrument has inspired some of the greatest makers in history and continues to be an inspiration today. The Cremonese is unique in the way it combines the sweetness and grandeur of a good Strad, while having the depth of a fine del Gesu. Original “Cremonese” Dimensions: Body length 357mm, Upper Bout 168mm, Center Bout 112mm, Lower Bout 207.5mm.

The Construction and Materials of this Violin:

· Varnish: Italian antique varnished
· Top: Excellence Aged Russian spruce dried for 20 years
· Back: Selected Seasoned Flamed Maple Back dried for 15years
· Fitting: Ebony or rosewood fitting
· Fingerboard: Advance Ebony
· Soundpost: European spruce
· String: Synthetic string
· Bridge: France Aubert bridge
· Purfling: Hand inlay
The Dimensions of this copy of the “Cremonese” violin are:

– body length: 357mm; lower bout: 208mm; upper bout: 170mm; middle: 113mm.
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