An ELECTRIC VIOLIN is great if you want to:

-PLAY LATE AT NIGHT without disturbing the NEIGHBORS

-Use HEADPHONES so NO-ONE CAN HEAR YOU playing your violin (Model EV1:SOLID $450 -has a headphone jack). This is perfect for self-conscious free playing.


-SOUND LIKE AN ELECTRIC GUITAR with GUITAR EFFECTS: chorus, delay, reverberation, distortion, flanger, compressor etc.


At STRING2U, ELECTRIC VIOLINS are available starting from S$390.

There are two types:

1. The SILENT SOLID Electric Violin EV1 and EV2;

2. The ACOUSTIC HOLLOW Electric Violin EV-Hollow.


– has a headphone jack and a 1/4″ speaker jack with volume and tone controls: the EV1 is a 5 String Electric Violin with the controls near the bridge and it costs S$450; theEV2 is a 4 String Electric Violin with the controls on the side and it costs S$390.

ii) The EV-HOLLOW is a 5 string ACOUSTIC VIOLIN with an ELECTRIC PICKUPand it costs S$390 – it has a 1/4″ speaker jack with the volume and tone controls on the side. It has no headphone jack and does not require a battery.


The EV1:SOLID ELECTRIC VIOLIN from STRINGS2U is great if you want to:

-Pay $450 for Strings2u model EV1:SOLID instead of $1,400 for a comparable Yamaha SV130 Silent Violin.

-Have a realistic violin sound instead of a processed Yamaha sound.

-Have a properly set up, easy to play violin with the correct string height and bridge.

-Have great quality sound output to a speaker or recording interface as it uses a 1/4 inch output, not a headphone jack output (the Yamaha SV130 also has a 1/4 inch output, but be careful to ask about their other models as some have a headphone jack size output only).

-Have 5 Strings to SOUND LIKE A VIOLIN, VIOLA and a CELLO. The EV1:SOLID has a 5th string which gives you four notes below G string. For the Yamaha equivalent 5 string SV255 you have to pay S$1,960 not $450!

-Use your own chinrest and shoulder rest on the EV1-SOLID – that’s right the Yamaha SV130 doesn’t allow you to change the chinrest or the shoulder rest!

OTHER ELECTRIC VIOLINS AVAILABLE: All models include a case, bow, rosin, and lead.

All Silent Solid Electric Violins come with the following accessories:

– Available Strings2u Model EV1:SOLID for $450: with headphones and a large 1/4 inch output for  a more dependable connection to a speaker. It features three controls on top: volume, treble and bass. Also, it comes with 5 strings to play both viola and violin music.


 Available Strings2u Model EV2:SOLID for $390: with headphones and a large 1/4 inch output for  a more dependable connection to a speaker. It features two controls on the left side: volume and tone.


-Available Strings2u Model EV:HOLLOW for $390:  If you want a normal acoustic violin that you can plug in to play with a band through a speaker or P.A. We have available a normal acoustic violin which has been fitted with a pickup under the bridge and on the side it has controls for tone and volume and a 1/4 inch output for a lead. Also, it comes with 5 strings to play both viola and violin music. This model does not have a headphone output so it does not require a 9 volt battery.

VIOLIN MULTI-EFFECTS PROCESSOR for S$150: An electric violin really sounds best when it is run through an effects processor. This is because an electric violin can tend to sound too “scratchy” or bright.  The Multi-Effects Processor will WARM UP and SMOOTHEN OUT the sound.

This $150 MULTI-EFFECTS PROCESSOR is small enough to fit on your pants belt or strap. Here is what it can do: It will output to a 1/4″ normal guitar lead and also has a HEADPHONE OUTPUT. There are 40 DRUM patterns built in to play along to. The EFFECTS that are included are EQ, REVERB, DELAY, CHORUS/ FLANGER/ PHASER/ TREMELO, DISTORTION/ OVERDRIVE/ CRUNCH/ FUZZ/ METAL. It has a TUNER, TONE and VOLUME controls and it is powered by two AAA batteries or an adaptor which is included. Also, it is small (12.8cm x 8.4cm x 4.5cm) and light (160g) and clips on your belt or strap. You listen through headphones which are provided. If interested, please call Peter on +65 96611413 and photos will be sent to you.




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