(SN:180-A$990 previously A$1,150) Copy of Stradivarius -Russian Spruce

(SN:180 A$990, previously A$1,150) Copy of Stradivarius-Antique Varnish-Russian Spruce aged 15yrs

This is a copy of Stradivarius golden aged violin. I am very pleased with the clarity and power which the model possess. The sound is warm and sweet with a wide range of tone colors. It’s an excellent value for an advanced player who will benefit from great versatility and a broader tonal range.
The Construction and Materials of this Violin:
· Varnish: Italian antique varnished
· Top: Aged Russian spruce dried for 15 years
· Back: Selected Seasoned Flamed Maple Back dried for 10 years
· Fitting: Ebony fittings
· Fingerboard: Advanced Ebony
· Soundpost: European spruce
· String: Synthetic string
· Purfling: Hand inlay
The Dimensions of the violin are:
– body length: 355mm; lower bout: 208mm; upper bout: 167mm; middle: 113mm.
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