223-Guarneri Del Gesu Goldberg-Baron Vita-frontback

SN:223 S$1690-Guarneri Del Gesu “Goldberg-Baron Vita”-1730

(SN:223 S$1690) Master Violin-Copy of Guarneri Del Gesu “Goldberg-Baron Vita” Violin-1730

The Goldberg is named after a famous violinist, Szymon Goldberg, who had a long and distinguished career as violinist, conductor, and teacher. It is currently played by the violinist Nicholas Kitchen.

The “twin” of the Baron Vitta Guarneri, is the Kreisler Guarneri del Gesù that had belonged to the legendary violinist Fritz Kreisler. Both the Baron Vitta and the Kreisler Guarneri were made in the 1730s by Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù from the same blocks of spruce and maple.

The Construction and Materials of this Violin:

· Varnish: Antiqued varnished
· Top: Aged spruce dried for 15 years
· Back: Selected Seasoned Flamed Maple Back dried for 15 years
· Fitting: Boxwood fittings
· Fingerboard: Ebony
· Soundpost: European spruce
· String: Synthetic string
· Purfling: Hand inlay

The Dimensions of the violin are:
– body length: 355mm; lower bout: 206mm; upper bout: 166mm; middle: 110mm.
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