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Do you want to PRACTICE LATE AT NIGHT? Well now you can practice anytime, anywhere using the S$390 to $450 SILENT ELECTRIC VIOLIN or almost new Fender FV1 electric violin for $690 (usual retail of S$1177). The silent violin is solid so it makes very little sound. You listen through headphones which are provided for the Solid Electric Violins. All models include a case, bow, rosin, and lead.

All Silent Solid Electric Violins come with the following accessories:

– Available Strings2u Model EV1:SOLID for $450: with headphones and a large 1/4 inch output for  a more dependable connection to a speaker. It features three controls on top: volume, treble and bass. Also, it comes with 5 strings to play both viola and violin music.


 Available Strings2u Model EV2:SOLID for $390: with headphones and a large 1/4 inch output for  a more dependable connection to a speaker. It features two controls on the left side: volume and tone.


-Available: almost new Fender FV1 electric violin for $690 (usual retail of S$1177): the Fender FV1 electric violin comes in its original case (hard case with soft-style exterior, lined in plush velvet fabric and velvet blanket) with bow, shoulder rest, headphones, rosin and straps. This electric violin has an excellent sound which can be controlled by the easy to access volume and tone controls to the right of the bridge. It is a very well-reviewed violin coming in a stunning gloss black finish.


-Available Strings2u Model EV:HOLLOW for $390:  If you want a normal acoustic violin that you can plug in to play with a band through a speaker or P.A. We have available a normal acoustic violin which has been fitted with a pickup under the bridge and on the side it has controls for tone and volume and a 1/4 inch output for a lead. Also, it comes with 5 strings to play both viola and violin music. This model does not have a headphone output so it does not require a 9 volt battery.

VIOLIN MULTI-EFFECTS PROCESSOR for S$150: An electric violin really sounds best when it is run through an effects processor. This is because an electric violin can tend to sound too “scratchy” or bright.  The Multi-Effects Processor will WARM UP and SMOOTHEN OUT the sound.

This $150 MULTI-EFFECTS PROCESSOR is small enough to fit on your pants belt or strap. Here is what it can do: It will output to a 1/4″ normal guitar lead and also has a HEADPHONE OUTPUT. There are 40 DRUM patterns built in to play along to. The EFFECTS that are included are EQ, REVERB, DELAY, CHORUS/ FLANGER/ PHASER/ TREMELO, DISTORTION/ OVERDRIVE/ CRUNCH/ FUZZ/ METAL. It has a TUNER, TONE and VOLUME controls and it is powered by two AAA batteries or an adaptor which is included. Also, it is small (12.8cm x 8.4cm x 4.5cm) and light (160g) and clips on your belt or strap. You listen through headphones which are provided. If interested, please call Peter on +65 96611413 and photos will be sent to you.

6 thoughts on “ELECTRIC VIOLINS Available Now

  1. Dear Sir,

    I’m holding a grade4 ABRSM cert in Volin, but was dated 1979. I wanted to start learning again, but since I do not have my own house, I need an Electric Violin for practice.

    I do have a budget of less that SGD500. All I need is a basic Violin with headphone connection.Any suggestions?

    If you have an Acoustic Violin with Headphone connection will be the best.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Thomas Lim

    • Hello Thomas,
      thanks for your enquiry. Can you clarify if you need a headphone connection so that you can play silently so as not to annoy others in your household? If this is your situation, then a solid electric violin will be silent and has a headphone jack to suit your needs whereas an acoustic electric violin will not be silent. For this reason the acoustic electric violin has a pickup to connect to a speaker and not to headphones. The acoustic electric violin is just a bit quieter than a normal violin. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have more questions or if you want to arrange to try the electric violins. My contact is 96611413 -thanks Peter
      Here is some further information from the page called “New Violins.” 1. the SOLID BODY SILENT ELECTRIC VIOLIN – has a headphone jack and a 1/4″ speaker jack with volume and tone controls: the EV1 is a 5 String Electric Violin with the controls near the bridge and it costs S$450; the EV2 is a 4 String Electric Violin with the controls on the side and it costs S$390; the FV1 is a Fender electric violin in near new condition and it costs $690 (usual retail of S$1177).
      2. The EV-HOLLOW is a 5 string ACOUSTIC VIOLIN with an ELECTRIC PICKUP and it costs S$390 – it has a 1/4″ speaker jack with the volume and tone controls on the side. It has no headphone jack and does not require a battery.

  2. Hi Peter, my gf n I (are just starting out violin classes. Looking for a reasonably priced silent one to share. So its the solid body violin. Can I check whether you have stock of it? Thank you.

    • Hello, yes I have plenty of stock for the “silent” electric violin. You are welcome to come and try the electric violin at any of the times below. Just let me know when you can come visit:
      Monday afternoon or night; Wednesday: 12noon till 4pm; Thursday: 12noon till 2pm; Friday: 12noon till 2.30pm and after 7.30pm; Saturday: after 7.15pm; Sunday: after 6pm.
      Best regards
      Peter – strings2u 96611413

  3. Hi Mel, for adults the electric violin can be a good choice as with the use of headphones you can practice at any time in the night. For starting out, regular practice and motivation are the most important factors so I think an electric violin has an advantage over an acoustic violin. Regards Peter

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