Bowing Strokes – Sautille

Sautille sounds like the bow is bouncing on the string but it does not leave the string. It is played at the balance point of the bow with the use of the wrist and fingers and a very small shoulder joint movement.

Where is the balance point? Just find the place on your bow where it will balance on your finger. It can be found approximately one third of the length of the bow from the frog. Because the bow is balanced it is very easy to move at the balance point and will have a natural springiness.


 = 144

detache musicSautillé Instructions

  1. Repeat each note 8 times
  2. Find the “sweet spot” where the bow bounces by itself.
  3. this bow stroke sounds off but is really on the string. The stick bounces but the hair never leaves the string.
  4. If it is not working try these four ways to fix it.
    1. Hold the bow with the index and ring finger (and the thumb) and throw the bow.
    2. Lower your shoulder and raise the elbow slightly, 3-4 inches.
    3. make sure your motion is up and down and not sideways.
    4. you may be in the wrong spot for the speed you are attempting. Try changing the speed or the spot of the bow.

Important Tips:

  • Start on the string at the balance point which is one third of the length of the bow away from the frog.
  • Keep bow hair flat.
  • Find the “sweet spot” by moving the bow up or down by 1/2 inch segments.
  • Work on getting a consistent sound.

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