How to Save a copy of the YouTube video

How To Save a Copy of a Video to your Computer:

1. click the YouTube sign on bottom right of the video

2. copy the Youtube address of the Youtube video,

for e.g.

3. go to  www.keepvid.comkeepvid

4. paste your youtube link into the Download tab where it says: “enter the link of the video you want to download” then

5. click the download button on the right of the entered link (not the one underneath!)

6. wait and right click the link that says Download MP4 then

7. select “save link as”, this will take you to a popup on your computer to save the MP4 wherever you select to save it.

8. Click save in the bottom right and you are done! To play this file just click on the file and your media program will play it without needing to go on the internet.

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